July 2, 2008


Welcome to the world of Shmitten Kitten! *pretend I just did a sweeping gesture like how a wizard would make* My name is Anna Goldfarb and this is a humor site about relationships. If it were a college course, it'd be called "The Sociology of Dudes." If I were the professor of this course, I'd probably give you an A just for reading this "about" section since that shows initiative on your part. Well done.

I started this site in January 2008 because I didn't see many blogs talk about dating the way that I do when I'm with my friends: I bust on guys just as much as I fawn over them. So reading Shmitten Kitten should feel like you're hanging out with your buddies.

About me: I live in Philadelphia with my husband and our three-legged cat, Eleanor. I love soft serve vanilla ice cream, spicy shrimp tacos, and free drinks. I wrote a book about mi vida loca called Clearly, I Didn't Think This Through, (Berkley Books, Penguin) and you can buy it anywhere books are sold. Hooray!

You can direct all general correspondence to hi@ShmittenKitten.com. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

-Anna Goldfarb
Publisher/ Kitten-in-Chief