June 29, 2008

This Week: Worst Blind Dates

blind dateBlind dates, by nature, are anxiety-ridden and stressful. Both parties involved show up with their own set of expectations and often times, these expectations differ wildly. For instance, we expect them to be gentlemanly, clean, and polite. Pretty crazy, right? And, God knows what they expect from us. A pulse and a pretty face, perhaps?

Web sites like MySpace and Facebook can help a little bit because you can at least see what the person looks like before you commit to spend time with them. But, even knowing what they look like won't prepare you for their lisps, bad breath, and terrible manners. Oh no, you don't get to find that out until they are sitting across the table asking to split the bill.

This week, we are recounting our most terrible blind dates. If there was a hall of fame for horrible dates, these guys would be in it. If you have any bad blind date stories you'd like to share--even if they were with us!--send 'em on over to tips@shmittenkitten.com. Enjoy!


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