April 6, 2008

Quick Rant: The Stats Say It All

One of our readers sent along this map depicting the ratio of single men to single women in major U.S. cities. Along the Eastern corridor, single women are clearly in the majority. See? We told you that times are tough! We have the cold, hard facts of science to back us up.

Alternately. this map can be used to let us single girls know where the available menfolk are. Looking at the map, we can deduce that the following types of dudes are good to go:
  • West Coast beach bums
  • L.A. Slick Ricks
  • Seattle grunge coffee slingers
  • Mormons
  • Hawaiian hula dancers
  • Vegas card sharks
  • Texan cattle ranchers
  • Central Florida alligator wranglers
  • Disney World concession stand lackeys
AND, that's assuming that these guys are single by choice, not because of incarceration. Yup, that's our dating pool, ladies.

Thanks to Cambridge Looking for the tip!


Unknown said...

What about the sweet midwestern men of Minneapolis? Maybe too career oriented? Wheres the love?

The Bartender said...

A friend of mine sent your website to me, specifically this page.

I'm not sure who has the more depressing scene: the east coast, with more women per square capita or NM, where I live, with it's two lonely dots. HA!

Unknown said...

OMG... I just ran into this site today, and I live in what I "lovingly" call Albughetto. I hate this shit of a city with its shit collection of men. We are the ghetto outliers of the West, and for that reason, I hate Albughetto (and all the rest of New Mexico) all the more. I'm leaving this shit place for California this summer... wish me luck!

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