April 1, 2008

Times Are Tough: The Civil War Lothario

This guy is a riff off General Smelly a few posts down below. He will drink all of the liquor in your house (even the bottom-shelf tequila that's been in your cabinent since your sister's bachelorette party two years ago!) while he talks your ear off about how his band is recording their next record in a barn in Upstate New York. You will feign interest because, hey, times are tough!

On a side note, I'm happy for you that we can't transmit smells over the Internet 'cause this one would be a doozy.

Civil War Lothario


Raised By Bees said...

I know that times are tough and I've had a few doozies in my single daze, but this guy would be an instant boner killer for me. Nobody who owns a home with indoor plumbing should look and smell like that. Worst of all, they talk about The Band and the Dead too much and are really fucking pretentious about it.

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