July 21, 2008

Tip Our Hats: The Belle and Sebastian Nerd

This guy single-handedly keeps record stores and the cardigan section of thrift stores in business. He is shy, soft-spoken and is what they call an "indoor kid." He might belong to a kickball team, but that's pretty much the only athletic activity he's ever participated in. Mathletes doesn't count.

He is socially awkward, not very good at making conversation, and doesn't really party. The only time he does anything close to partying is when he attends Philebrity's Annual Belle and Sebastian Dance Party, where he really lets loose. It's kind of cute, really. He dresses like he's a perpetual sophomore, which means that he has constant bed head, wears cool sneakers and rocks brown cords. We're willing to bet $10 that this guy had a radio show in college.

Good luck trying to make this duder your boyfriend. He is intimidated easily so to be his lady you're gonna have to be a frail, librarian-type who likes to knit mittens and bake meringue cookies. That's about as much woman as he can handle.

When he gets nervous or feels put on the spot, he basically shuts down all social capabilities. You can't just approach him at a bar and try to strike up a conversation. If you do, you can practically hear the "Error! Error!" message playing on repeat in his head as steam bellows out of his ears. It's best to just walk away slowly if that happens. Oh, and if this Belle and Sebastian Nerd were a cartoon, he'd be Milhouse!

We tip our hat to you, B & S Nerd, for being so reliably adorable. We are in the minority who find your social ineptitude kinda charming. Nice job!

See him in all of his meek, slouch-shouldered glory below:


kristin said...

I love this type of boy.

when you do get one to come close, they will most likely try the yawn and stretch maneuver on you..i kid you not.
otherwise, you just have to pounce on them and give them a thrill.

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