July 31, 2008

Tip Our Hats: The Hot Professor

As Van Halen sang, I am "Hot for Teacher." I brought my pennnncilllllll!

There's nothing better than having a hot dude as your professor. Everyone wins in this situation. You attend every class because you want to see what he's wearing. You do really well on your homework because you want to impress him with your quick wit and creativity. He even makes you kick your wardrobe up a notch and smear on some eyeliner, the better to bat your eyelashes with.

The Hot Professor can make those long hours of class just float by on a daydream cloud. You doodle his name on your notebook as he dusts chalk off his Dockers. The best is when he dresses the part; knitted scarves--when seasonally appropriate--and leather patches on the elbows of his corduroy blazers. He makes academia foxy!

If you are feeling especially ballsy, you might even swing by his office hours because you are curious to see how his office is decorated (and if there are any pictures of his wife around). Spoiler Alert: his office is always a mess and he has a wacky coffee mug.

At the end of the semester, you playfully invite him out to grab drinks with the rest of your class and it's always a score when he says yes. All the girls angle to sit near him, but it's great when you are the one he chooses to sit with.

Bro'ing down in some low-scene campus bar, you disclose your summer plans to him and he talks about finally carving out time to work on the novel he's been meaning to write. After two beers, he tells you that he's always liked your writing and thinks that you should pursue it. It's awesome!

But, like Prince tells us, "Life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last." If you tried to hook up with this guy, it would be a disaster. It's best to savor his hotness, appreciate it, and move on. Besides, you'll need him as a reference when you look for a job after graduation.

We tip our hats to you, Hot Professor. We'd rate you a whopping four chili peppers on ratemyprofessor.com any day of the week!


Anonymous said...

Oh man! I had so many TAs and profs like this, and they always came out with us. They couldn't help coming out and feeling cool because young girls liked them. The ones with babies are pretty great too. Wrinkled clothes and applesauce on their blazers. Luckily my boyfriend rocks the hot prof look when the weather gets cold, so I actually get to score with the persona without sacrificing my honor code.

Anonymous said...

I think I maybe had two hot professors during my time at Temple...

They weren't so much hot as "out of the ho-hum" appeeaalling.

I think it was more the subject matter- history and political science paired with scuffed up brown dress shoes from the mid-90's always gets me hot

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