December 21, 2008

Holiday Horror Sories: Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart...

Let me tell all of you about last Christmas. I had been dating a guy for a few months when Christmas rolled around, so I decided to get some gifts but not go tooo crazy. I headed over to his house with a neatly wrapped book and a new down comforter. We sat down on the couch and I prompted him to open his gifts. He seemed like he appreciated the gesture. We giggled, hugged, and he gave me a big thank you.

So, what did he get me, you ask? A pink bunny suit? Nooooope. He handed me a homemade card. Inside the card he wrote that what he had gotten me, "hadn't come in the mail yet," but he had reserved a cabin up for us in the Poconos for a nice little weekend getaway.

Little did I know that by New Years Eve--a mere five days later--he broke up with me! No gift in the mail, no weekend getaway; all evidence pointed to the fact that I was DUPED! He clearly had no intention of getting me a gift. And, no, I didn't ask him to return the gifts I gave him, although I could've used a new comforter. I'm a classy girl. I figure it will all work out one day in a mad case of Christmas karma, but it's been an on-going joke now for a while that I'm gonna give my friends a "weekend in the Poconos."


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