January 26, 2009

SHMITTEN KITTEN EXCLUSIVE: We Chat With The Maven Behind I Bang The Worst Dudes (Sorry, Mom)

In what can only be defined as a straight-up phenomenon, the site I Bang the Worst Dudes (Sorry, Mom) has been on the tips of tongues and tweets everywhere. Part locker room talk and part slumber party confessional, the site calls out dudes through reader submitted stories and photos, obscuring their identities with a strategically placed black bar. It's already been namechecked on Jezebel and it's been burning up messageboards and inboxes up and down the East Coast Corridor. All this and it only launched last week! For all of you worker drones, the site is slightly NSFW. After a scuff up with Tumblr, they are now settling into their new domain digs at <sorry-mom.com>. We emailed the mastermind, "Mom," to see whats its like to be the Queen Bee of high-tech gossip.
SK: When did you start the site? Why?
Mom: I started the site last Thursday afternoon as a joke with a male coworker, trying to illustrate to him that not only had I banged the worst dudes last summer – in retrospect, I’ve mostly slept with some of the worst dudes I’ve ever met. So the site started as a hilarious visual history of the terrible things I’ve subjected my vagina to throughout the years. That poor, poor vagina.

SK: What has the reaction been so far? How have the guys who have been featured reacted?
Mom: Well, to tell you the truth, this wasn’t exactly supposed to get out there. I had to scramble and remove ex-boyfriends and guys I’m still friends with to avoid people getting really pissed off. But my girlfriends all thought it was hilarious and were the ones to offer to submit their own stories. It took off from there insanely quickly. There has really only been one dude who got mad: I got a c-word filled text on Saturday morning. But, the rest have been pretty chill about it, asking me to have them taken down. Most people seem to really embrace the site, and a few have emailed me to remove their friends’ entries for fear that they would be really upset about them. I witnessed one guy I featured and later deleted showing off his entry proudly on his phone – hilarious!

SK: What has surprised you the most about the reactions to the site? Are you surprised at how fast it has taken off?
Mom: Well, like I said I really didn’t think many people would see it. I’m kind of bummed about tumblr pulling it down, which I’m really not surprised about it, because I was getting 40 – 50,000 unique views per day this weekend and that is NUTS. I got a buttload of really funny submissions, too, which is great. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who makes terrible decisions at times.

SK: Are there any stories that you haven't published? Why?
Mom: I think most of my stories were pretty identifiable within the site because they were very self-deprecating, they definitely made me look bad, not the guy in question (aside from the occasional farter or tactless jerk.) A lot of the stories sent in are outright mean, and kind of boring. There are only so many times you can read about a dude having a 2-inch dick (really?!) or giving you the Clap. Side note: how have I not gotten an STD? Seems like 60% of stories submitted are about our little friend Gonorrhea. Yikes!

SK: What makes a good story? Which one(s) are your favorite?
Mom: A good story is one that is so ridiculous you can’t believe it’s real, or just outright embarrassing and unbelievable. I got one while at Brunch yesterday about a dude leaving skid marks on a girl’s bed every time he spent the night – how does that even happen? Seriously!

SK: Are you still accepting submissions? What's the best way to submit them?
Mom: Definitely! Now that the site is back up and running we have to get interest in it going again. The best – and only way to submit them is to email theworstdudes@gmail.com - make sure to keep the story short and a picture is not necessary.

SK: What do you say to people who accuse you of exploiting these hipster dudes? Are you afraid of a backlash?
Mom: Maybe not hipsters but definitely dudes with beards. I think the backlash has happened as much as its going to. People aren’t happy about it but as long as the stories stay fun and harmless, I think the people who enjoy it greatly outweigh those who disapprove.

SK: Is there anything else you'd like to say about the purpose of the site or the future of it?
Mom: I just hope people keep going to it now that it has moved. I loved the tumblr interface so much I know it’s not as fun/easy to look at now but we’re working on it.
And, there you have it! A huge thanks goes out to "Mom" for entertaining our hard-hitting questions. Have you seen this site yet? What are your thoughts?


esther ruth said...

i am glad to read this! sorry-mom has become one of my new favorite things.

amanda mello said...

YES! YES! Way to score this exclusive Anna!!

Stephanie Says said...

love it!!
it's pretty amazing none of my disasters are on there (yet).
the only thing that could possibly make this website better would be if the bad bangs were listed by region so as to *avoid* these nightmarish lays!

joel said...

looks like the site is already gone?????

Anna said...

It's still there for me at

try it!

Anonymous said...

Joel, you might have to clear your cache - we moved to our own domain (eff you, tumblr!) and something about it kind of makes it glitchy for a few. Try again!

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