January 18, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys That Wear Argyle Socks

The argyle sock is a a bold fashion choice with immense payoff potential. If done well, it can transform an average guy from ho-hum to hot stud. Guys, when you flash that diamond pattern as you flex your foxy ankle, it makes us do a double-take and flip our shades all Dwayne-Wayne style. And, there is something about the kind of guy who wears argyle socks that makes us sit up and take notice. He probably:
  • has a library card
  • can enjoy movies with subtitles in them
  • has neat penmanship
  • smells clean like the woods
  • calls their grandmother at least once a week just to say hi
  • can sew a button onto a shirt, if need be
  • returns calls in a timely manner
  • had a zine in high school and/or a blog now
  • has created at least one piece of artwork on his bedroom walls
  • knows how to drive stick shift cars
  • never kisses and tells
  • will make you dinner on your third date
  • wears v-neck sweaters
  • listens to rap music while he does housework
  • appreciates a good scotch
  • has a cool brother
  • has smoked a cigar and/or a pipe at some point
  • owns a shoe shine kit
  • likes British sit-coms
For all of you argyle sock wearers, we tip our hats to you. Just so you know, you are basically wearing foot lingerie.


Anonymous said...

haha all of that from some fabulously patterned socks. also i'm pretty sure every girl in philadelphia is available for those qualities.

Anonymous said...

I just gave a boy three pairs of brightly colored argyle socks. Totally melted my heart that he was excited for them. Argyle socks and shawl-collar cardigans always make me melt. What can I say? I'm looking for my own Mr. Rogers.

Anonymous said...

All but 4 of the above characteristics match my husband exactly - no zines or blogs in high school in the 50's, nor rap music then. His brother isn't cool - but everything else on the list fits. I made him 12 pairs of argyles when he was in Korea, and we're still talking about them since they were great. Trying to find a pattern - or a kit - please help. Ann B.

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