February 13, 2009

As Every Drug Store We've Stepped Foot In For The Past Month Has Reminded Us

It is Valentine's Day tomorrow! Although it is a lame Hallmark holiday seemingly designed to make single people feel worthless, it can also be an opportunity to give some love to people/places/things that don't usually get such public displays of attention.

So, with that in mind: *rumages through pockets for a crude cut-out of a heart on red construction paper with glitter and lace glued on it* Philly, will you be our valentine? Here are all the things we love about you:
  • The first bite of Lorenzo's pizza at 2:07am on a Friday night.
  • The blackened green beans at Grace Tavern
  • Drinking on the sly at Liberty Lands
  • Karaoke at Ray's Happy Birthday Bar
  • Hearing a Prince song at 700 club when you are out dancing with your sister
  • The first swig of a Kenzinger Beer at your friend's barbecue
  • Capogiro's sea salt and dark chocolate gelato
  • Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz's bow tie
  • Leafing through the new issue of the Philadelphia Weekly
  • Snacking on freshly made pretzels at midnight
  • Figuring out which place to go to for brunch (The Abbaye is our fave, but Honey's is a close second)
  • Sarcone's rolls
  • The yummy yuppie Tex-Mex at Mad Mex
  • Scopin' out hot dudes in Rittenhouse Square Park
  • Pierogy Wednesdays at Tattooed Mom's
  • Playing quizzo somewhere divey
  • Reading The Metro on your way to work, looking up your horoscope and ignoring the Sports section
  • Hearing a song from the Singles soundtrack playing at McGlinchys
  • Running into your old roommate at Johnny Brenda's
  • Sharing a margarita pitcher at Cantina
  • Rocktits! spinning records at the POPE
  • Casually perusing the "I Love You/ I Hate You"s in The Citypaper
  • Having your apartment lovingly packed up by those Mambo Movers
  • Taking sloppy photos in The Barbary's photobooth then posting them up on your fridge the next day
  • All the rad artists, musicians, and writers that give this city its soul
What part of Philly would you want to be your valentine? Leave your answers in the comments section.


amanda mello said...

This is perfect. Makes Valentine's Day that much less depressing. I love this city!

Shannon K. said...

Philly, I love your bad attitude, your bad accent and your hoagies. Christ, do I love hoagies.

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