February 27, 2009

Dudes Respond To Our Hard-Hitting Bonerkiller Allegations

And, they're pissed!



roy barclay said...

Think about it. They probably have thumb rings, soul patches and no sense of humor. If I were a betting man, I'd also put my entire tax return on embarrassing tattoos and a brohawk.

rckwtzmn said...

no way.. your bonerkillers are all totally right on.

may i suggest a MALE bonerkiller: internet profiles with hundreds of pictures of you kissing your boyfriend.

Brianna said...

My older sister claims that no man will marry me because I have visible tattoos...are they a male bonerkiller? judging by my absolutely dreadful luck with the opposite sex i'm starting to believe her.

Brian said...

@Bree. No, not at all. For me at least.

Anonymous said...

@Bree I dislike tattoos on women myself. Due to the vast number of them i'm becoming immune to the ones above the butt (the tramp stamp i guess it's called), but anywhere else is just an eye sore for me. Also cannot stand smokers. You could make [insert name of the most beautiful celebrity in the world] look like an ugly troll by comparison and if you smoke i'll run to the troll every time.

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