February 6, 2009

Flippin' The Script: A Dude Tips His Hat To Girls Who Don't Look Like They Would Ever Dance To Journey At A Wedding But Do

For our "Tip Our Hats" posts, we give you guys props about what you do right. In a total Freaky Friday move, we have a guy, Dan Bruskewicz from the Philly folkish band TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb tell us what he likes about us girls. Get a load of this cuteness:
My generation of men--the ones who drink too much Old Grandad whiskey and flirt with hipster bartenders at places where people who drink Red Bull and go to the gym never hang out--look for women who have iTunes libraries full of music that will pretty much blow our minds. Like, Sun Ra. Lots of Sun Ra.

As much as we use this musical snobbery to determine which women we pursue, there's a part of us that can't help but love it when a woman who is as discriminating as we are indulges in a guilty pleasure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the kinda guy that cannot stand it when even the most buxom blonde butts up against me cloyingly at the Juke and starts selecting songs on my quarter. [Note to women: never, ever steal a man’s jukebox time unless you are one of those hot hipster chicks that dropped out of PRATT to study the '70s punk rock movement alone in random libraries across the United States while on tour with The Books.] A man at a dive bar jukebox is a man on a mission; he prefers the company that his four dollars in quarters will afford him to anything lower back tribal symbol tattooed, New Jersey accented, Rusted Root-lovers could ever provide.

But, there are times when unbridled enthusiasm for common misplaced-love/guilty-pleasure moments trump everything we ever thought we knew about ourselves, like when a young lady unexpectedly jumps out of her seat at your buddy's wedding because "Don't Stop Believin" just hit the speakers. Everyone from little cousin Nicky to old Aunt Nita is feeling like a dancing highway freakshow on the New Jersey Turnpike. Moments like this--and the women who make them happen--are the reason that men don't really rule the world.

So, here's a tip of the hat to all of you Camus-reading young ladies who just want to hold onto that FEELIN' deep inside and can't help but drag everyone else up by the arm to join in when you do.
How freakin' cute is that? Don't you want to start a zine just so you can interview him and ask him about what his top five songs to put on a mix tape are? Tj Kong and the Atomic Bomb's record release show will be today, Friday Feb. 6th at the Tritone. Here's a link to their song, "The Trail of a Lonesome Hobo" and here is an interview they did recently. Go see them play so that you can say that you were into them before they blew up.


Shannon K. said...

Dang. What's with all the Jersey hating up in here? I do NOT tip my hat to that!

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