February 3, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Sleazy Leaners

They're sleazy and they lean on stuff and they look damn good while they're doin' it. Observe:

Keep on leanin' on stuff fellas, and we'll keep on lovin' it because we know that only dorks stand up straight when they're checking us out. We tip our hats to you because your compromised posture and devil-may-care attitude makes us do a double take then whisper to our friends about what a "dreamboat" you are, all Lorraine McFly-style.

Thanks to Jenna for this one.


yellaphant said...

Hellllllz yes.

ryder said...

i love a sleazy leaner.

Hannah Stephenson said...


I also write for Mankind Mag (my poem is on page 41), and thought I'd drop by your blog...I love it!!

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