June 25, 2009

Bonerkiller: Guys Who Won't Watch A Movie With Me If I've Already Seen It

I have no idea why you are being so intense about this. Yes, I saw The Hangover last week, but it was really funny and I think that'd you'd enjoy it. Honestly, I would like to see this movie with you and I want to watch it again. It'll be fine. *take a deep breath*

No, I won't elbow you during the film and say, "Oh my God, this part is so funny." Yes, I swear. Seriously, I won't do that.

What? You have a rule against seeing a movie with someone who's already seen it? That's straight-up fucktarded. Well, what else do you wanna see? There's nothing else playing that would be as much fun. Let's just see The Hangover. Oh man, you are being such a baby about this! Just see the movie with me. I don't care about your rule. In fact, I hate your rule. It's anti-fun. You're like the Taliban of cinema. Aaaaaaargh! *mimic pulling my hair out and make a scrunched up angry face*


Michelle H said...

SERIOUSLY. I dated a guy who flat-out refused to see any of my favorite movies with me if he had seen them. Something about "the pressure to like the movie" being too intense.

And *yet*, when I hadn't read some of his favorte books, he would scoff and say "I'm surpised you haven't read this one," and lend me the book immediately.

No pressure, right?

Wrong. Dudes need to chill out.

Anna said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who was irritated by this! Too funny. Guys who have weird rules about dumb shit bum me out. We are in agreement on this one.

tomg said...

I've never heard of any such rule from someone.

Anna said...

Oh, it exists. Trust me.

Lora said...

Same goes for a guy that won't go to a new restaurant if i've already been. it's like they don't want to be sloppy seconds. so annoying.

Anna said...

Lora, that's insane! What's up with these neurotic guys that have to be the first to land on the fun continent. They're like mini-Columbuses. Fuck that.

Barbarossa said...

Pretty sure I love you for saying "That's straight up fucktarded." ^_^ <3

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