June 8, 2009

Drawn Dudes: The Metal Head

We are super psyched to announce that our new Editor-at-Large, Jenna Davis, will occasionally contribute sketches to the site. Not only is she one of the most beautiful women we've ever met, but she's also insanely talented. Honestly, we think that she nailed this guy's aesthetic purrrfectly.

We'd bet ten bucks that in high school he used a Bic pen to carve his favorite bands' names into his desk. He scoffs at authority and likes to flip the bird at every opportunity. His long hair is amazingly silky for a guy who washes it with Pert Plus once every two weeks. He only has, like, one pair of frayed gray jeans, which he wears to death. They have never been washed and at this point, they could probably walk around town on their own.

Dude, next time you flash us the devil horns, we will do a rock lock with you (it's like a high-five but more in-the-know). We love you, Metal Head!


Elizabeth Treisner said...

I went out with this guy, last night. He's a guitar tech for mostly metal bands and loves to do the devil horn thing. last night he took me to Chart House and then to Mako's - quite the change of scenery - and damn that guy can drink. His hair is at least 6 inches longer than mine and used to be longer than that - I know it sounds cliche, but I really think he'd be cuter with it cut off!

Michelle said...

you're an idiot, keep the guys hair on you lucky little bitch, cause those guys are getting rare.

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