June 14, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Polite Dinner Dates

You know what impresses us more than snagging dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant? When a guy is sweet as pie to the guy or gal who takes our orders and runs our food.

We love that you don't bitch about every tiny hiccup in our dining experience. When you shrugged off the water glass the server knocked all over your lap, we applauded (in our heads). Oh, and we love that you insist on leaving at least 20% for tip, or having us both leave it, since we're all about going Dutch over here in SK land.

Conversely, nothing kills our girl-boners faster than a guy raising his voice to the clearly embarrassed waitstaff. And, if he is overly demanding or fussy about the service, it doesn't bode well for date number two. We came to enjoy ourselves and sample something we didn't have to reheat from our freezer, not have front-row seats to your meal meltdown.

Your patience and pleasant demeanor has not gone unnoticed and so, we tip our hats to you, polite dinner dates. Every time you say "please" and "thank you" while smiling kindly at our server, a little twinge of delight shoots down our spines. Your mama raised you right, and that pleases us immensely.


Anonymous said...

and for heaven's sake STAY OFF YOUR CELL PHONE at the table.

Jilly B said...

Being a server this one definitely made me smile :)

hexo said...

Politeness should just be a given, no reason not to be, unless the jerk earned it! But it's nice to know that people appreciate a polite dude.

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