July 18, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Had A Radio Show In College

Maybe we're just feeling wistful here, but guys who had radio shows in college are just plain awesome. It's cute to think about them on the air, carefully curating the songs that they play, excited to premiere a new ditty to their dozens of listeners. You have to have patience to be a radio deejay because you basically sit in the booth by yourself for hours on end. It's not that bad because sometimes you can rock out to the songs you play. Sing along as loud as you like; it's 11pm on a Tuesday night in the student center, no one can hear you. For the most part being a college deejay is a thankless labor of love, but when someone calls in and requests a song, well, it's the best feeling to know that someone out there is listening.

They've been to CMJ, they know what a PSA is, and they love to nerd out about b-sides and rare singles. That's pretty awesome. So, guys who had radio shows in college, we tip our hat to you. When you tell us about how you used to play Superchunk, Pavement, and Rocket From the Crypt, we get all fuzzy inside.


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Brine said...

Aw, this made me pine for late nights of loud studio monitors, and ticket give aways. You rule.

Anna said...

Thanks, Brine! That totally made me smile.

smile smile,

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