August 27, 2009

Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller: You Have A Mugshot

Normally, a mugshot would be a turn-off, as I try to make dating felons a rarity. But with you--a good boy gone bad--it adds an element of danger. You're a badass! You've been in bracelets, which is cop slang for handcuffs (according to The Wire, that is). Me likey.

You're a tough guy now: You stay up late, you eat ice cream for breakfast, and you flip the bird. What's next? Are you going to start smoking, asthma be damned? Are you gonna shoplift your deodorant from CVS? Are you going to draw vulgar pictures on public bathroom walls?

Who knew such a round fella could have so much edge?

You can't see me, but I have my thumb by my ear and my pinky by my mouth, mouthing the words "call me" right now.


Julia said...

who is that guy in the picture?
looks like someone I dated once

Anna said...

It's Patrick Stump, the singer from Fall Out Boy. He was arrested the other day for driving without a license. He's like, the SWEETEST man ever. I love him soooo much. Gah.

Julia said...

he makes me think of that guy I dated, who was hands down the most irritating person ever.

loey said...

you and fall out boy, anna ... when will the insanity end? xo

Anna said...

spoiler alert: it will never end.

love ya, loey!

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