August 24, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys With Deep Voices

A guy with a deep voice isn't even aware of the power he holds on me. Hearing him on the other end of the telephone is like an aural back massage. When he says my name, my knees go weak. He could command me to do anything and I'm pretty sure that I'd comply. It's almost hypnotic: Mow the lawn? Sure! Toss my laptop off a bridge? What a great idea. Tell this police officer to fuck off? Count me in. Everything is a good idea, as long as he verbalizes it.

Obviously, this is a blog and I can't mimic this deep voice to you using the written word, so just imagine me lowering my vocal register for affect. "Helloooooooo there, beautiful."

I've overlooked several obvious flaws in a guy just because he had a great voice. Somehow hearing him say in his deep, manly baritone, "I keep pictures of me with my ex on my Facebook page because I like the way I look in them not because I like looking at her," cushions the blow.

So, guys with deep voices, we tip our hats to you. When you assure us that, "Everything will be ok, little lady" we can almost believe it.


Anna said...

As an addendum, I once dated a guy who looked like a straight-up wart hog just because I loved his voice so much. He had a really great voice. They should write that on his tombstone when he dies!

Anonymous said...

This one is for you, Anna:

Cindy said...

So true! Love it! :)))

I think height works the same for me. I'm 6 feet tall so ya know... it's my "thing"

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