October 22, 2009

Bonerkiller: You Don't Get My Pop Culture Jokes

You're killing me! My Mr. Belvedere joke zoomed past you, unnoticed. You thought I had Tourettes when I blurted, "Oh, fuck my cock," in line at Trader Joe's until I explained that it's a quote from Wet Hot American Summer. You didn't even crack a smile when I said, "You got it, dude" like a Tanner tot on Full House.

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on? My best material is going by the wayside. I feel like Baby dancing in the old people's resort trying my best to entertain the oldheads. Have you seen Dirty Dancing?

After my increasingly lame joke attempts, you looked at me and said flatly, "Oh, I don't watch television. And, I don't really like movies. Sorry." How am I supposed to find love with a guy who's never seen Wayne's World? Or Arrested Development? Or It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Should I give you a tutorial on pop culture? Maybe toss together a Powerpoint presentation with the top 10 most frequent shows and movies I quote from?

Yes? No? Either way. Either way is fine. (That's from Superbad.)

"Personal philosophy? Clothing optional." That does nothing for you? It's from Blades of Glory. Nothing? This is hopeless. Frown.


Anna said...

Pretty much everything I wrote in this post is intended to crack Jenna up.

Unknown said...

It cracked me up. Welcome to my world of working with older woman searching for romance in all the wrong places.

Diane said...

*stands up and does the slow clap and nod*
I'm sorry, have you been reading my personal diary (that I don't actually have)?

Sarah said...

"Oh, COME ON!"

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