November 9, 2009

Flippin' Our Shades: Dylan Houser

From the second we met Dylan Houser, he put a smile on our face. He basically has the best attitude ever. Sometimes, we'll be walking around bummed out about something with our head down like Charlie Brown and then we'll get a text message from Dylan out of the blue telling us that he thinks we're pretty and that he hopes that we are having a good day. HOW RAD IS THAT? It's like getting a great haircut, a pay raise, and a B-12 shot simultaneously.

The more we talked to Dylan, the more we realized how awesome he is. He's a designer for various clothing and footwear companies like Paul Frank and Puma. Here he is in a video talking about the connection between Puma sneakers and the 700 level (which is an Eagles thing, we think.) Look how cute he is talking about those kicks! Right now, he is working with the Philly band Pattern is Movement. I asked him a few questions and he gave us a few answers:
SK: So, what do you do?
DH: For work, I'm a freelance designer mostly working on on apparel and footwear. I also work with a band called Pattern is Movement. For fun, I bowl. Not well, just often.

SK: What do you like most about Philly girls?
DH: The thing I like most about Philly girls--as lame as it may sound--is their love for sports. I'm originally from San Francisco and finding a lady to yell and/or high five at a ball game was few and far between.

SK: What's your idea of a perfect Philly date?
DH: I'm pretty easy; Philly has so many food options! There isn't much that I like more than food. So if I can convince someone to go eat somewhere new, I'm generally down. I'm still on the hunt for some decent Mexican food, like how it was back home.

SK: What do most guys do wrong?
DH: I think it has something to do with baking. We, as guys, need to make more cookies or something.

SK: Haha. Well, what do most girls do wrong?
DH: If I knew the answer to this question or the last one, I'd write a book, make all kinds of money, and bowl full-time.

SK: Tell us a secret!
DH: I'm a sucker for a girl in an apron.

SK: (Blushing from his response to the last question,) um, where's the most romantic place in Philly?
DH: I really have no idea. That's why I read this blog. The idea of a picnic in Rittenhouse does sound pretty swell. I'd even bring homemade cookies!!

SK: Someone seems really hungry right now. Anyways, what would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
Oh man! That's no easy task. The top five mix tape songs ever are as follows:
  1. The Murder City Devils - Boom Swagger Boom
  2. Devin The Dude - Too Cute
  3. The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
  4. All-Time Quarterback - Sock Hop
  5. The Aquabats! - Red Sweater
Cookies, bowling, and Mexican food? See? We told you that he was adorable. You can follow Dylan on Twitter @BarelyRegal.


Jane Doe said...

Dylan rules. He and I have been friends for a little over a year. He lives around the corner, and keeps my spare house key in case I get locked out and even gave me his umbrella once so I wouldn't get soaked walking home from watching movies at his house. yay Dylan!

dani said...

Miss K Hate: ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Dylan and I went to middle school together (6th grade),,,, i think im not sure ...DH woukd know... I just always remember him as a short,cute,quiet and a smart lil boy...However, turns out he's a pounching puma designer...WOW...Im just happy to know someone from that town :did it:...neways dylan we need to finish something you started ..831-869-0945

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