November 18, 2009

Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller: You Talk in Your Sleep

I bolt upright in the middle of the night.You said something to me and now I'm half-awake. I hear you say something again. You're mumbling. Please tell me that this is not your way of trying to put the moves on me. What the hell, dude? I'm awake now, so enunciate for the love of God! Oh wait, you're talking but you aren't talking to me; you're just chattering away in your sleep. Awesome.

How am I just realizing now that you're a sleeptalker? I channel Yosemite Sam--or even Naomi Campbell--toward anything that wakes me before the sun is up. As a freelancer, I've worked way too hard to achieve normal REM cycles and I will defend those 7 hours of sleep like my they're my children and they're in danger of being eaten by zombies.

Surprisingly though, hearing you string together words in the middle of the night like you're slurping alphabet soup on acid is actually pretty cute. Aw, look at you happily babbling about things that make no sense! You've got bedhead. Who cares if you woke me up at 4:26am; Look how cute you are!

Hearing you laugh in your slumber is downright endearing. As long as you aren't chattering about a) weaponry b) another woman c) another dude, your snooze talk is A-OK with me.


dani said...

my boyfriend first said he loved me in his sleep. i said WHAT and it woke him up. i acted like i didnt hear him say it, but he ended up telling me the 3 little words consciously the next day so i didnt bother asking him about it :)

in fact, he says the nicest things to me when he is 75% asleep. i love it!

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