December 18, 2009

Bonerkiller: You Blew Your Party Load Last Night

I wanna punch party load blowers in the face and/or neck region and/or stomach region. It's so annoying when you have plans with a dude and when your date rolls around, he whines that he's too tired/hungover/sore from going out too hard the night before. I hate even hearing his puny voice complain about how crummy he feels. He blew his party load last night! What the hell?

I don't understand what he was thinking. He knew we had plans tonight. He knew I was looking foward to seeing him all week. Despite this knowledge, he still partied like he just got a raise + it's his best friend's birthday + he just met his childhood idol who was a pretty nice guy it turns out + he was on Spring Break + The Phillies won the World Series all over again. LAME! Right now, you're about as much fun as a jury duty notice.

All you one trick party ponys out there have to check yo' self before you wreck yo' self (whatever that means.) I think it means that they have to watch themselves before they wreck themselves and by wrecking themselves, I really mean piss ME off. Have a nice night flopping around your house in your jammies nursing your brutal hangover. Grrrr.


miguel dagz said...

eff me! im guilty on multiple occasions :( guess that's my new years resolution NOT to blow my party load...

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