December 17, 2009

Well Played: You Can Predict When I Would Least Like To Hear From You

I don't know where you honed this skill, but it blows my mind how you are able to accurately pinpoint the exact moment that I don't want to hear from you because that moment is precisely the moment that I DO hear from you. My attention will turn to the cute boy I met over the weekend. I'll wonder when I'll get to see him again and--boom!--my phone will ring. Is it him??

Nope-a-lope. IT'S YOU. We haven't communicated in four blissful months, but sure enough, there's your number popping up. You're texting to notify me that my favorite movie is playing a limited run at the Ritz. Thanks, but when did you start working for Moviefone?

Whatever. This much is clear: You were thinking of me. Now, I'm thinking of you and I'm in a battle of wills. Should I write back? Should I ignore it? Do I miss you? Maybe? How did I go from being smack dab in the middle of a hohum Tuesday to starring in my own suspense thriller mini-movie that no one else would want to watch?

I know you can't afford a crystal ball because you could barely afford a cab ride while we dated, so this little text twist has me in a flutter. As soon as you've been banished from my mind, you weasel your way back in. Well played, my dear, well played.


Unknown said...

Dear god in heaven above and below! I seriously have the king of this brood on my hands. The exact moment I say the words I'm done with hot/cold possum boy, he's in my cellphone, f--ing with my head. And he says just the right things. Does something endearing. I have friends that can attest to it. They've seen it happen before there eyes. I say the words and a magical text/ phone call happens. WTF. It's my Karma I'm sure. But should I actually want/need/crave his attention. it's like the fecker's off swimming the Bering Strait.

Fritz said...

Ok, this is seriously creepy. I read this post today and said to myself "I'm glad that never happens to me."

But I just got home to find an email from a girl I was seeing a few months ago. She sent it to "clear the air."

Really? Now?

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