January 12, 2010

Flippin' Our Shades: Free Energy

Free Energy's music jingles and jangles in all the right places. It's jangly. How jangly? Well, their songs could basically be an instructional audio clip about how to handclap, that's how jangly it is. We think they sound like Weezer covering Tom Petty songs and that's a compliment. We grilled singer Paul Sprangers, a Philly transplant by way of Minneapolis, about girls, Philly, and Philly girls. He squirmed a bit but we powered on. These are his answers:
SK: So, how is being in a band?
Paul: Haha. It's going great! It's everything that I thought it wouldn't be.

SK: What do you like most about Philly girls?
Paul: Their tattoos. Skulls, roses, centaurs, flying unicorns, lightning: All of it. The girls from Fishtown/ Kenzington are my favorite.

SK: Ah, those Fishtown freedom lovers. What's your idea of a perfect Philly date?
Paul: Riding bikes down to Franklin fountain then riding to Penn Treaty Park to watch a band on a Sunday night. Then boning.

SK: What do most guys do wrong?
Paul: They try to pretend that they aren't nerds.

SK: What do most girls do wrong?
Paul: Girls can do no wrong. *wink*

SK: Tell us a secret!
Paul: Uh. I'm drawing a blank on this one.

SK: Ok, we'll skip it. Where's the most romantic place in Philly?
Paul: I gotta say the Lost Bar.

SK: Really? I guess? I mean, we like dive bars too. What would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
Paul: "Push It" by Salt 'n' Pepa
"Who Let the Dogs Out" by Baha Men
"Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams
"Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx
Salt 'n' Pepa? Richard Marx? Baha Men? Those are some pretty solid choices. Thanks, Paul, for being such a great sport. Download Free Energy's Daytrotter session songs for free and be sure to check 'em out when they roll through your town.


Jon K said...

Specifically singling out Kenzo girls and Fishtownies leads me to believe that this dude hates teeth.

Anna said...

Haha. WHAT? Like South Philly girls have teeth in surplus? Are West Philly girls any toothier?

Jon K said...

Hey I didn't INVENT the stereotype, I'm juse perpetuating it.

Unknown said...

Great stuff. I've been enjoying.

yellaphant said...

I lurve Free Energy. LURVE I TELL YOU.

Goofs Times Laughs said...

i'd like to respond to Jon K in this comments section.
He's absolutely right, i don't like teeth.
I'm a "strictly gums" type of guy.
teeth just get in the way.

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