January 11, 2010

I Feel I Failed To Impress You With My Jokey Dance Moves

Honestly, I don't know what overcame me. I'd love to blame this on the four High Lifes I downed because I was nervous being on our first date. Maybe it was because I still act like a sixth-grader in most social situations, but we both know that those are just excuses. I'm gonna have to take full responsibility for this one.*deep breath*

I thought my perfect execution of both the Cabbage Patch and the Roger Rabbit would impress you on some level. I got carried away with everything! We had a great dinner. We were at an awesome dance party, working up a bit of a sweat in on the dance floor. I think the smoke machine had just heaved a heavy fog onto the crowd. So, when the deejay spun "Informer" by Snow, something clicked in my head and I had the blurry thought, "Wait 'til he gets a load of this."

Well, you got a whole steaming load of "this" i.e. my dance moves and you were clearly not impressed. You shielding your eyes and looking the other way tipped me off. When I whipped my head around after doing a perfect Running Man and saw you making a beeline for the door, the message was clearly received. I copy that, Roger. My jokey dance moves clearly did not impress you.


censinger said...

Aww honey he does not deserve you! Dance moves are A++ in my book!

jimmy said...

aw damn! i would have melted in your arms... that's totally my program at the dance party!

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