February 4, 2010

Tip Our Hats: Cereal Hounds

We gotta be honest: We LOVE it when a guy goes to town on a bowl of cereal. He looks SO CUTE shuffling around the kitchen, eyes half-open, robe flapping around. When he takes the cereal box down from the shelf, he gives it a little shake. After he hears us giggle, then he shakes it again, this time moving his sleepy hips in time. "You like that, don't you? Of course you like it." We giggle more.

Then, he takes down his favorite bowl from the cabinet and dumps the stuff in. After he blasts it with milk, he plunges his spoon into the mess. Now he's sitting across from us at the kitchen table. His first bite is the best because the cereal is still crunchy so it makes the most dramatic noise, like stepping on a pair of eyeglasses. He shovels another spoonful in his mouth and after one chomp, he tries to smile as wide as he can to crack us up more. Bits of Honey Nut Cheerios are scattered through his teeth, the shrapnel from a sugary grenade.

Each bite becomes successively quieter as the milk calms the cereal down. The Cheerios are tiny fish to trap and we can tell he finds satisfaction in scooping every last one up. "Done and done," he loudly proclaims to the entire kitchen. His spoon rattles around the bowl as he plops it in the sink.

We love you, cereal hounds. Whether you're jamming on a bowl of Frosted Flakes or Wheaties, watching you go to town on a bowl of the stuff is a great way to start our day. We give you the SK spoon salute!


Anonymous said...

it's like how guys find it erotic when we cup a large burrito with both bands and wrap our mouth around it. seXXXy.

Anna said...

Haha. Ewwwww! This has nothing to do with anything like that! I just think it's reallllllly cute to watch them eat a bowl of cereal. No Freudian undertones. I promise.

Michelle Provencher said...

My exboyfriend used to yell at me for chewing cereal too loudly.


As I said before, EXboyfriend.

John said...

I am happy to say I am a cereal hound. I even keep several different sized bowls so that I can easily select the amount of cereal I want at that time - there's "morning breakfast", "this-will-have-to-do-for-dinner-cause-I'm-in-a-rush", and "late night snack".

Jon K said...

Pfft cereal. CHILD'S PLAY. Come see me when you want a real man that will make you a delicious omelet with crispy bacon.

Kelly said...

At first I thought this was about when guys kill the last of the cereal in a box. Cause they do, and it ain't fun. I get really pissed if my Kashi has been depleted or if he tackles the last of the Puffins. Seriously, he eats Puffins. I wouldn't even eat Puffins, but they're there....and they're good.

Next time he eats cereal I am going to take his picture and start a collection of deviant cereal-eating photos.

Femme Fermental said...

Ah this is awesome! My boyfriend does this.
He even uses a mixing bowl as his cereal bowl, and the largest spoon ever, like a serving spoon.

He eats 'candy' cereal as I like to call it. You know, the kind marketed to 12 year-olds. Yet, it's adorable!

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