April 28, 2010

Bonerkiller: Guys Who Pressure Me To Do Shots

"Hey, let me buy you a shot. Whadda you want?"

"Ah, thanks. But, I'm good."

"Come on! Just have one shot with me." He motions for the bartender to come over to him. Then, he leans in and says, "Give this girl whatever shot she wants."

"No, really. I'm good. I really shouldn't. Thank you, though."

"Nah. Come on! What do you want? It's on me."

"Ok. Hmmm. Can I get a shot of Sauvignon Blanc? Actually, make it a triple shot. And, if you could just put it in a wineglass that'd be great."

Dudes, pressuring me to do shots is a nose crinkler. Not to get all James Van Der Beek from Varsity Blues on you, but I DON'T WANT YOUR SHOT! We're not in a hot tub in the back of a limo crusin' the Sunset Strip; We're in a mediocre bar on a Wednesday trying to get a slight buzz on.

It's well-lit in here and my friend has been complaining about her job to me for the past hour. This is not a Coyote Ugly outtake: We don't need tequila making an appearance at 7:47pm. Just be a normal dude and ask to buy me a full-sized normal drink. Is that so hard?


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Dudes would save a lot of money if they bought me that $3 glass of pinot noir on the happy hour list instead of a jager-bomb (to which, I would inconspicuously toss onto the floor and then give him a fake number because really, he's probably in college. Or worse, a frat).

Anonymous said...

I hate guys pressuring me to take a shot too... and I'm a guy. Get over it dudes, I just want to take it easy. Not everyone wants the same dang thing! OXO

teenie said...

I am SO with you on this. I've dumped otherwise amazing guys because they seem so hell bent on me getting drunk - and I weigh 95 pounds, so it's not like it's a big task to get me ripped.

There is nothing appealing about wanting me so sauced that I can't tell what you're doing to me later on.

Julia H. said...

Agreed! Offer to buy a drink, and let the other person decide what they want. Forcing shots on someone makes it seem like you're hell-bent on getting them drunk.

Anonymous said...

its because we are trying to get u drunk...i get better looking and u get easier...its a win/win

Startled_Militant said...

Regardless, buying a girl a drink on the first interaction is completely unecessary. "Oh fantastic, this guy I'm not attracted to is going to buy me a drink. This changes everything!"

Rest assured, girls, I'll still totally buy you a Shirley Temple

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