April 30, 2010

I'm Gonna Be Honest Here: I Don't Remember What You Look Like

As I'm watiting for you to arrive to our first date, I gotta be honest, I have no idea what you look like. First, let's start with the things that I DO remember:
  • Meeting you last weekend. 
  • Dirty dancing with you on stage behind a speaker (yikes!)
  • Exchanging numbers and promising that we'd hang out soon
Here's what I remember about you:
  • You had dark hair
  • You were wearing a t-shirt
  • You definitely were wearing shoes
  • Oh, and you had eyebrows
THAT'S IT! That's the composite I'm working with.

I was pretty surprised that you called in the first place. For some reason, I agreed to meet you here before it dawned on me that the only thing I know about you is that you are a male under 40. I have a feeling that you were cute, but I really can't explain why that feeling is there. For what it's worth, your voice sounded hot on the phone.

As every guy files into the restaurant, I squint my eyes wondering if that's the one. What should I do? Go up and ask, "Are you my date because I don't remember any physical characters that he possesses?"

Wait, is that you? No, I think you were shorter. Honestly, I have no freakin' clue what you look like. *sips drink and looks around the restaurant*


Joe K said...

Ha totally true, and I'm a guy -- so just know that this works both ways!

Anonymous said...

This happens to me a lot. Here's my trick:
Show up AFTER him, call as soon as you are walking in to tell him you have arrived and want to know where he is sitting. (This only works as long as he's there already so text prior to get that info while you're walking towards the date destination.) Look around for who picks up the phone. I'd be lost if I didn't do this.

Anonymous said...

Good choice for the picture!

Sometimes the opposite happens to me though, when I meet a guy who is SUPER cute and then I see him again and I feel like a creeper for remembering his name and the entire conversation we had but he clearly has no idea who I am. Sometimes I pretend to forget just to seem nonchalant.

Simone... said...

Hah! That's the most perfect picture to illustrate this dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Blend into the crowd, like you're there to hang out alone, but watch for the guy who is looking for his date. Guys aren't as good at acting casual about this. I showed early for my dates because (for purposes related to my practices of personal safety) I want to see him first. I get a good look at everyone present, then wait casually for the new guy to show up and start examining breas ... ah ... faces.

If that fails you, text him (what did we do before this?) "I hope you're not the guy in the -impossible to replicate- tshirt. If you are, this could get awkward."

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