May 5, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys Who Do The Worm In Formal Situations

Worming his way into my heart
I'm standing in a loose semi-circle with the rest of the party guests, clapping and cheering this breaking dancing phenom on. Holy shit, who brought this party animal to this wedding? Because I freakin' LOVE HIM!

He's flopping around the dance floor doing the worm, rented tux be damned. I don't know where he learned to do it, but he's executing the move perfectly. It's like he's bringing a little bit of street to this ballroom and I am truly delighted at his impromptu performance. 

Is he single? Does he live here in town? Is he on Facebook? I wanna know everything about this one-man entertainment center. Is he staying at this hotel? What room? I MUST FIND OUT!

What's his name? Derek? *cups hands around my mouth* GO, DEREK, GO!


Phil said...

This post hits the nail on the head. This guy is always a winner.

Anonymouse said...

Nothing lightens up a funeral like the worm!!

And why stop there : in court for traffic violations? Worm! Job interview? Worm!! Being inaugurated as presidentof the United States of America? WORM!!

dani said...

i agree with this anonymouse. i want to see cute boys doing the worm everywhere to make me smile!

Phil said...


Anonymous said...

guys - how do you feel about girls who do the worm in formal situations? cuz that girl is RIGHT HERE.

Anonymouse said...

Maggie, girls doing the worm is cool BUT I'd rather see them do the frug, the robocop or the freddie (but not the smurf)

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