June 25, 2010

See Here's The Thing: I Can't Figure Out Where He Gets His Clothes From

I'm at a dive bar and I'm staring at the guy I'm with. I study him. He's dressed in a thin plaid shirt and black pants. Honestly, his clothes are a mystery to me because I can't picture him ever buying these items. He definitely has a sense of style, I just have no idea how he goes about executing it.

Did he pop out of the womb wearing a raggedy, thin blue shirt and cords? His wardrobe is like a new Starbucks: you never see it under construction, it just magically appears like it's always been there.

I can't picture him walking into a store, dealing with salespeople, touching random shirts and buying them. And, I can't picture him leaving the store with shopping bags on his arm, like Paris Hilton leaving Louis Vuitton. He's not that kind of guy. In fact, I haven't seen him in one new garment the entire time we've dated.

We've been hanging out for a few months and I know his schedule pretty well. As far as I know, he's never stepped foot in a mall. Ever. I can't picture him taking the time to thumb through a thrift store. (He has a mild case of OCD so he'd freak out about the whole thing.)

He would never step foot in Urban Outfitters or American Apparel because he thinks they're too cheesy and overpriced. Maybe H&M on a lunch break here and there? Maybe his Mom buys his clothes at Target? Maybe his last girlfriend bought him everything he wears? Maybe he moved into his apartment and just tossed on the clothes the former tenant left behind? Who knows? I'm baffled!


Anonymous said...

exgirlfriend. most def.

Anonymous said...

we find stuff left at our house, on the street. 95% of wardrobe

Anonymous said...

Gap outlet store.

Anonymous said...

Thrift store.

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