August 31, 2010

Hey Homies

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but as I write this, Shmitten Kitten now has 977 Facebook fans. You can see over there on the right, in that handy widget. However, since I REALLY like round numbers, I want to push that number over the 1,000 fans mark. There's something about that comma in there that I wanna have in my life.

Once we reach 1,000 fans, I'll post a super special exclusive mix for y'all to download on our Facebook page as a way to thank everyone for their support. Again, this mix will ONLY be available to our FB fans, so get on it. You'll dig the mix, I swear. Girl Scout's honor.

So, go ahead and like us. Tell your friends to like us. If you've already liked us and already told your friends to like us, then do nothing. You're golden. As a thank you for reading this, I will now post a series of random funny pictures:

[Update: We WERE able to reach our goal. I just posted my '60s soul mix up on our Facebook page as a thank you present. Enjoy it! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the bessssst. xoxo]


Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious, entertaining, and updated regularly.

I think only maybe 5% care about your mixes, though :P

Anna said...

Thank you for the kind words, but this is the first mix that I'm going to make myself and not to over-promise it or anything, but playing it for yer date is gonna get you laid. It's THAT GOOD!

typical guy said...

my gf "so who made you this awesome mix?"
me "umm some chick named Anna?"
my gf *points to the couch* again

Anna said...


Zack said... haven't heard the original Hard to Handle since I was a little kid.

I've got the office all to myself tomorrow, that track's gonna get lots of playtime =)

Nice mix!

Anna said...

YAY! So glad that you like it! xoxo

Blue Light J said...

Anna! I can. not. stop. shaking it. to this mix. Thanks so much. Aaaaaah.

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