September 27, 2010

Little Known Fact: I Can't Believe I Was Ever Obsessed With Him

THIS is the guy I was infatuated with for four years? What the hell was I thinking? What was his appeal? If I'm being honest, his hair is thin, he smells like an onion ring and his sneakers are wack.

I'm downright thunderstuck at how little I'm attracted to him. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

I think back to all the times I cried over him. I think about how many nights I tossed and turned, consumed by sadness and frustration at his mixed signals. I think back to the panicked phone calls to friends when I saw him show up to a party with another girl. Now, he's in front of me and I feel nothing, not one flash of interest.

When he suggested that we get together sometime "for old time's sake," I winced. Why on earth would we do that? No way, Jose. Is this what Wilson Philips sang about, "breaking free from these chains"? Because, it rules. Yippee!


al said...

for the photo reference, this should be brought to your attention

(yes, you need the underscore now, because apparently some "manager' found out about /joeylawrence and filed a complaint, twitter, in a rare move of awesome, didn't delete the account, but simply added an underscore.)

Anna said...


al said...

also, this:

khop said...


Anonymous said...

it is funny to look back and go OMGWTF was i thinking?!. i had that exact experience with a door guy at a very popular philly bar which i wont mention, ha. i thought he was super dorky and cute but really, he was a jerk and not so nice. why did i think i was missing out on some great catch? just too funny!

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