November 11, 2010

Lurkers Will Nod Their Heads Knowingly At This

via Le Love. Thanks, Jenna!


teenie said...

omg. so true.

the thing is - the image people portray on facebook (myself included) is one of fabulousness. unless you're a person who airs their dirty laundry on facebook, you're not going to broadcast when your new life is shitty or your new partner is driving you bananas. i just had this epiphany the other day, and it made me feel better. my ex may be hating life, and treating his lady like crap, but putting on a happy face, like he did for our 10 year relationship, and i would never know from facebook.

thank god for "blocking"

JP Toto said...

I could really use that :-(

Anna said...

For the record, I rarely lurk on exes profiles. If a guy bums me out, he's straight-up dead to me. I'm like the Soup Nazi about it. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Anonymous said...


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