December 22, 2010

Pics and Vids: "And That's Why Magicians Never Get Second Dates"

If you're a magician and you wanna know how to pick up women, then this video is for you. It's called "Flirting with Magic," and it'll probably be the best two minutes you'll spend watching magicians picking up women today. It's slightly NSFW because of a brief bra shot. I have a feeling that the Alliance is going to frown on that.

I especially like the little kid in the Israeli army hat at the end. He's a terrific reminder to use birth control when you're hooking up with magicians. Thanks, dudes!



BradyDale said...

As awful as this video is... soesn't sound like a bad angle. Especially for the okay-to-not-so-great looking guy who's not totally afraid of girls but never quite knows how to get them talking to him.
We've all got our stupid little tricks to open the conversation. Magic wouldn't be bad.

This is gloriously cheezy too. Good find, Anna!

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