December 17, 2010

The Shmitten Kitten Holiday Party Is Happening TONIGHT!

I wanna see your face at our holiday party tonight

girls, get ready

boys, get ready

round up your homies

check out all the hot guys and girls

we're gonna party

and party

and party

and party

and party

and party

and party

and party

with half-off draft beer from 10-11

and $4 Snowjobs from 11-midnight

we'll drink

and drink

maybe too much but whatever

Have plans to go to a boring party? Skip it.

Swing by our party instead

It's from 10pm-2am at Tattooed Mom's. Facebook invite shit is here.


Mallory P. said...

I was hoping for a Dance, Dance video clip in there. I know you thought about it!

Patrick said...

Wow is right.

Sarah said...

I could watch these clips all day.

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