January 13, 2011


Not a chance. Not ever. No fucking way.

Ugh. He can take his pipe cleaner face mask and fuck right the fuck off. *shudder*


Jessie said...

Why would somebody do this? WHY?

Ben said...

Aww, don't harsh on the dude. He was obviously just messin' around while shaving his head.(check the bathroom setting.) Who among us self-barberin' baldies hasn't given themselves the ol' 'crazy shapes cut' just before buzzing the noggin clean?

I myself like doing the 'Wheat Biscuit' hair oasis (ie. leaving a little puff of hair smack dab on the top) I get to laugh at my reflection a bit more than I usually do.. Its fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when I was in grad school I had a friend (who looked an awful lot like that guy, in fact) who did this when shaving his head just for laughs. If he showed up with "ring head" it usually meant he was in the mood to get rip-roaring drunk that night.

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