February 28, 2011

Cool Baggy Shirt, Bud

Is he a juvenile delinquent attending his great aunt's funeral? Is he 14 and interviewing for a part-time position as a shopping cart wrangler at the local Acme supermarket? HIS SHIRT IS TOO BAGGY. There's, like, HANDFULS of extra material surrounding every part of his torso. He looks like an inchworm in a sleeping bag.

I hate his stupid baggy shirt. I feel like he might be trying to camouflage a potential moob situation. But honestly, I'd rather see a slight outline of a flabby moob than see several yards of extra fabric floating around his mid-section like he's in a dream sequence.

Well, watching him walk up to hug me feels more like a nightmare because I'm afraid my hands are going to get tangled up in this x-large pillowcase of a top. Seriously, a kindergarten class could huddle under this shirt on goof-off day in gym class; that's how excessively baggy this garment is. It's gross.


Anonymous said...

having just lost a decent amount of weight, i'm in the process of getting rid of said excessively baggy shirts. i hate when that's all i have left in the closet. i agree, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Andrea said...

Ugh, agreed. I went out with a guy who was king of the baggy shirts. Then whenever we made plans to go anywhere, he asked if it was ok to dress "hipster" there.

Anna said...

That sounds TERRIBLE!

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