February 26, 2011

Get The Memo

I don't know if you're new around here or what, but I get a kick out of posting all sorts of things that I think you'll dig. Not only do I regularly update both the Shmitten Kitten Facebook page and my Twitter page with silly musings and links to things I think are cool, but I'm going to start offering exclusive mixes and running more contests on them as well. Like or follow SK on those jawns, if you haven't already.

To recap: like Shmitten Kitten on FB and follow me on the ol' tweet machine and have your life improved in small but measurable ways.

To thank you for reading this, I will now post one of my favorite .gifs of all time for your enjoyment.


Jessie said...

Oh my god! Rollerblades? I can't even!! LOL

Jessie said...

Wow, I'm an idiot. Totally just noticed that those are not rollerblades. A day and a half later. hahah

Anna said...

I know. They're ROLLERSKATES! How insane is that?

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