February 4, 2011

My Boring Date

He called me up on the phone

And asked me out for this weekend

I was stoked because he had a good job

And seemed like a nice guy.

We even had a few friends in common. Seems perfect, right?

He's a bit older than me but that's cool; I like mature guys.

I was excited to see how the date would go.

But when picked me up, his outfit was wack. He wore a hemp necklace, a vest and shiny black shoes with baggy jeans.

I tried to overlook his terrible fashion choices because he might be a good person, which is what counts.

He took me to a fancy restaurant that he's been wanting to try for a while.

But, during dinner, he wouldn't stop talking about himself

And golf

And politics

And the stock market.

He didn't laugh at any of my pop culture jokes.

He said he doesn't watch TV and when he does, it's only to watch sports.

The check came and he paid for it.

Then, I suggested we go see my friend's band who were playing down the street. He agreed to go but seemed out of his element.

He said it was too loud for him.

And he started yawning at 11pm.

When he dropped me off at my house, he tried to kiss me.

But I jumped out before he could.

Then he called and texted me a ton trying to see me again.

I finally told him that I wasn't interested and deleted his number.

Wait, I’m not quite sure what he wants me to do.



Travel_Chic said...

Hahah! The worst! I had a date kinda like this....he says to me in a later convo, "I'm really good at reading people." LOL, read this, I'm having a terrible time with you!

Anonymous said...

he mighta been boring, but still-- this chick sounded like a total bitch to begin with anyway, and totally not worth the time... js

Anonymous said...

Turns out, a post called "My boring date" is, in fact, somewhat boring to read.

Anna said...

So it's just like your comment then?

Anonymous said...

I love these so much

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"So it's just like your comment then?"


<3 you, Anna.

Anonymous said...

aren't we over these things yet

Anna said...

If people cannot find merriment in a Judge Judy gif, then I don't even know what to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Hahhaha it's perfect. Especially Judge Judy.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the use of Sunny, Arrested Development, and Portlandia gifs

Anonymous said...

Teach me the way of gifs. Your talent is unsurpassed.

Jonesy said...

I really love these gif stories, although I have to say, I liked the last one more than this (probably because all the dancing gifs were spot-on). All in all, more!

Anna said...

For those of you who feel sorry for the guy, I offer this tidbit: he told me that he voted for McCain and argued with me that Sarah Palin would be a competent choice for president. Yeah. Oh, and he also yelled at the waiter.

I was just trying to make the most boring date on the planet funny. And, yes it was a good thing he paid for the meal because he chose the restaurant and it was ridiculously expensive. On top of that, he ordered the most expensive thing on the menu too. I tried to order the cheapest thing so don't get too bent out of shape about the part where he paid for the meal. He makes way more money than I do, so it honestly wasn't a big deal.

Unknown said...

Where did you find the "The End" gif?

Anonymous said...

Love the gifs stories. They all can't be "the funniest." There are always two sides of the story but it's Anna's blog and this is her side.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious about the friends you have (had?) in common.

Anonymous said...

lol my favourite part was creepy Mr Phoenix

Melissa said...

This is my favorite thing.

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