February 2, 2011

Surprisingly Not A Bonerkiller: His Nervous Sweating On Our First Date

He wants to impress me so much that his armpits wept salty tears of anxiety. Lucky for him, I think it can be kinda cute if he nervously sweats on our first date because those massive, damp circles seeping through his shirt let me know that he's taking our date seriously, which I appreciate.

Sure, it looks like he was just came in from a tsunami, but most likely it was tsunami of nerves because he knows that this date is important. In fact, it makes me smile when I see those humongous sweat stains peeking out when he reaches to refill my wineglass.

I also think it's cute how self-conscious he gets about it. I can tell he's embarrassed, but he shouldn't be! If he brings it up and says something like, "Wow! I'm totally drenched. This is crazy." I tell him it's not a big deal and I mean it because it's not. As long as this super soaker routine is confined to the first few dates, it certainly won't be.


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