March 13, 2011

All Things Being Equal, I'd Probably Hit On The Most Energetic Guy Here

The guy slumped up against the stove looking around the kitchen while slowly sipping his beer? FUCK HIM RIGHT IN HIS BORING FACE! The guy sitting on the couch leafing through an errant magazine? HE'S DEAD TO ME! The guy stifling yawns as he makes small talk with an acquaintance near the bowl of potato chips? HE IS THE WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO THIS PARTY!

Dollars to donuts, I'm usually drawn to the most energetic guy in attendance. He's the little dude running circles around the house, chatting everyone up and cracking the most jokes. He seems to have boundless energy, like Red Bull personified.

I think it's cute how he slamdances into everyone when his favorite Misfits song comes on over the house stereo. It makes me happy when he tries to do a handstand out of nowhere. And, I'll cheer him on when he tries to breakdance to a RUN DMC song. I can't help it! He's the raddest guy here.

Keep it up, my little Energizer Bunny. You're the best thing to happen to me (tonight at this party.)


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