March 24, 2011

Pics and Vids: Break-Up Sweatpants

This clip is form the glorious show Michael and Michael Have Issues, which is now on Netflix on Demand THANK GOD. Seriously, I wanna marry this skit. Whenever I'm in a bad mood I watch it. It's a total mood reverser. 

Michael & Michael Have Issues
Break-Up Sweatpants
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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have been rockin' the female version of break-up sweatpants since I got dumped like a bag of trash last month. Fuck yeah, stretchy black yoga pants! They're perfect for all your post-heartbreak activities: listening to The Cure, eating a king sized Snickers bar at 1 in the morning, watching 3 seasons of Futurama, drinking boxed wine while browsing Craigslist personals... I can do it all!

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes yes

Anonymous said...

that's me!

Anonymous said...

Are you on Netflix's payroll or something? Cuz you seem to promote them A LOT!

Anna said...

Ha! No. I am just pumped that my favorite shows are now available and like spreading the word to my buddies. I guess I do mention them a lot now that I think about it. Netflix SHOULD put me on their payroll!

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