March 11, 2011

Pics and Vids: For The Aspiring Beardo Weirdo In Your Life

This fully knitted beanie/beard combo seems legit. It's only $35 and it's a perfect fit for both bank robbers AND hairless Band of Horses fans, which is a woefully under-served market. Hmmm. I'll take three!

JK! This is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen. It's like a glory hole for his lips. Ewwww.

Hat tip to Jen for this monstrosity.


Jon said...

I am confused. I have my beard to keep myself warm. Will my chin now feel like it's in a sauna? o.o

Ashley said...

I must buy this for my friends who can't grow beards!!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only woman in Philly who appreciates a NON-bearded guy?! Beards just remind me of grizzly Adams..

Anonymous said...

That is not a beardo... the original and patented design is or . these cheap imitations make me sick.. what a joke.

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