March 17, 2011

Shmitten Kitten's March Madness: What's The Worst Bonerkiller OF ALL TIME! Round One

I wanted to get in on some hot bracket action so in the spirit of March Madness, you guys are going to vote on the worst bonerkiller OF ALL TIME! I'll give you 16 terrible, stupid turn-offs that guys do. You pick the worst of the two given choices and so on and so on until we have a winner. I'll update the bracket every 24 hours or so. Here's a picture of the the thing:

Round one! Let's go.

[Update] With hundreds of votes tallied so far, this is how it stands. The one with the higher percentage of votes is highlighted in pink:
  • Guys who constantly crack their knuckles 5%
  • Guys with long fingernails 95%

  • Philosophers 53%
  • Sports fanatics 46%

  • Guys who make fun of you for believing in horoscopes 18%
  • Guys who text the letters "c", "r" and "u" instead of the whole word 82%

  • Guys who constantly fiddle with their iPhone 26%
  • Loud chewers 65%

  • Gamblers 42%
  • Heavy smokers 58%

  • Guys who just text you the word "hey" 41%
  • Guys who pressure you do a shot even though you're not in the mood 49%

  • Guys with chapped lips 35%
  • Guys who have limp, clammy handshakes 65%

  • Guys who have feminine hands 34%
  • Guys with a soul patch 66%
Keep voting!


Anonymous said...

Soul patch, hands down.

But I think you should get made fun of a little bit for believing in horoscopes.

Anna said...

Are you a Scorpio? Because that's totally something a Scorpio would say.

Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Knuckle cracking is a legitimate medical treatment

Anonymous said...

Wait, so are we voting between knuckles and fingernails for the first one?

Anna said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad Beardos and Body Odor. You might make tournament next year.

Allan Smithee

Ashley said...

That was a more difficult decision on some of them then I thought it would be.

Anonymous said...

Guys with long fingernails needs to win this entire thing. I worked with this guy who had long ass fingernails and filed them into points. He would try to hit on me and I was just so disgusted.

No, just no.

Anna said...

The fingernail thing is dominating its bracket with an astounding 95% of the vote! Wow.

Anonymous said...

I feel like it's going to come down to the clammy handshake and the long fingernails. I guess if a bonerkiller is going to come in direct contact with my vagina, it turns into a megabonerkiller. I think it comes down to how drunk you would have to be to deal with these bonerkillers, and there is no amount of alcohol that will get me into bed with a dude with long fingernails and a limp, clammy handshake.

Anna said...

HAHAHA! Good prediction!

Anonymous said...

These days, what with autocorrect and full qwerty keyboards on cell phones, a guy has to really TRY to sound like a total jackass by typing "c u l8r" or what have you. Doesn't the little red line under your highly abbreviated "words" indicate that you're making some seriously awful decisions with your life?

Anonymous said...

I got chills down my spine reading some of these. A guy with long fingernails on his nasty clammy fingers and a soul patch on his dumb face...trying to touch you... just think of it. ewwww

Anonymous said...

the mental image of long fingernails on your vagina just clinched it for that one. That is like, beyond nasty.

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