April 6, 2011

Tonight! Join Us At The POPE As We Tap That (Our Beer That Is)

If you like watching pretty girls sip things, THIS IS THE EVENT FOR YOU. Tonight, we raise our pint glasses and fill 'em up with OUR OWN BEER. Come to the POPE from 7pm-10pm for the Official Sly Fox Shmitten Kitten Beer Release Party.

Join us as I awkwardly tell strangers, "Let me put my Kolsch all up in yo' mouth." Now that I'm saying it out loud, I will admit that I sound pretty creepy. Scratch that. Join us as I awkwardly tell strangers, "Let me pour my Kolsch in your mouth." Is that better? Shrug. How about this: Join us as I awkwardly talk to strangers while putting my beer in or around human mouths. There. That's better.

Facebook info for the party is here. Cheers!


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