May 8, 2011

From All Of Us At Shmitten Kitten, Happy Mother's Day!

This is a dating blog, but I know some of you rad moms like reading this site to remember why you hated dating so much when you had to do it back in the day. Or, maybe you're still dating! Maybe your baby's daddy is a dud. Or, maybe you're Murphy Brown and had a child on your own because you felt like the time was right. Maybe you have a massive crush on your full-time house painter and think that Dan Quayle is a jerk, too.* That's cool. Regardless, I hope you moms are having a bitchin' day. Cheers!

*My apologies if you scratched your head at the outdated Murphy Brown joke I made. There's a strong chance that it might have been funnier in my head.


Anonymous said...

This song is about Tipper Gore.

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