May 2, 2011

Just Between Us, I Am Honestly Shocked That He Still Has My Number In His Phone
Are you kidding me?
No one is more surprised than me at this fact. No one. You know why? Because there's no reason I should be in there! We never talk.

Out of the eleven months I've been in his phone, he's only texted me twice, both times being the night he asked for my number. I should've been like the Paul Reiser Show: cancelled after two episodes. For the love of god, delete me already!

Doesn't he go through his phone when he's bored and delete the stragglers? I'm totally a straggler! Hell, I'm Mayor of Stragglerville. He should've given me the boot a long time ago. So, when he asked if I "was around" totally out of the blue the other night, I had to stop and wonder about his phonebook grooming process. Frankly, he should manage his life better i.e. deleting my number if we haven't communicated in six months. I only knew it was him by some fluke because he had a weird area code that I somehow remembered. That was a small miracle in and of itself. 

Seeing his phone number pop up on my screen felt like finding a hair in my salad: keep the hair on your head and my phone number out of your contact list. For a second I thought that maybe he mistook me for someone else but I maintain that my number shouldn't have even been in there to allow him to mistake me for someone else in the first place. Weird.


Anonymous said...

I had an ex text me out of the blue. Three years after she dumped me. We hadn't spoken in that time. How's that for straggling?

Anna said...


The Verbose Anonymous said...

Just for the record: I never, ever, ever, ever delete a contact, no matter what happened. I have my contact list archived on three different online services so that, when I replace my phone, everything is back in a matter of minutes.

Of course, I'm also not in the habit of texting exes in the middle of the night with zero provocation.

Karen said...

I used to be a big-time deleter, the majority of the time doing it so I wouldn't be able to text said person. But I'll tell ya what started happening. Weeks/months later I would get texts and it would drive me CRAZY not knowing who it was, if I couldn't tell by the content.

So now I just pretty much keep 'em all... saves me the paranoia, and I've just about mastered not texting guys I shouldn't be texting.

Anonymous said...

This is timely... just last night I deleted some 20 contacts, exes, flings, randos... it felt very, very cleansing.

Drew said...

I keep the numbers of all real exes--precisely so I can identify the "I had a dream about you"-kind of text that a certain married ex-girlfriend sends about once a year (usually right around the time I'm dating someone new).

But deleting numbers can feel great! Especially when it's someone who didn't pan out. It's the virtual version of just tossing them back into the ocean.

maiah said...

it's fascinating. men NEVER delete numbers. NEVER. i have no clue why but i imagine my exes like to pop up via text out of the blue for entertainment. they're probably peeking around the corner with a bag of popcorn waiting and watching. rude.

Anonymous said...

UUUUGGGGGGGHHHH I totally got a random text a couple weeks ago from a guy I was seeing 2 years ago?! Seeing not even an ex? I tgibk he was bored and newly single. The first thing I did was tell him I have an amazing boyfriend and remind him the reason I stopped speaking to him was because he neglected to tell me he had a girlfriend the two weeks we hung out!!! WORST!

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