May 24, 2011

Oh My God, He's Single! he opened doors for me?
And he said that my hair smelled good?
And he smiled at me when he went up to the bar to get us another round of drinks?
And when he got back he proudly showed me a picture of his little nephew on his phone and it was the cutest thing ever?
And he quoted dialogue from Back to the Future out of the blue?
And at the end of the night he gave the cabbie $20 and said, "Make sure she gets home safe, Chief"?
And he texted me the next day to say what a great time he had with me and that we should do it again sometime?
And it's been three days and he hasn't added me on Facebook yet like an eager beaver?
And he called me on the phone to see how my day went?
And he told me about a new restaurant he wants to take me to this weekend?



Anonymous said...

not single FOR LONG hopefully!!

The Chief said...

He called the cab driver chief???
Be careful with this guy, he sounds suspect.

Ashley said...

It's like a shmitten kitten dream come true!

Bosworth said...

You should have omitted the "chief" detail. If he taked you to dinner and calls the waiter "boss," don't try to be a hero. Run.

em said...

haha i dont think the chief comment is that bad. talking to people who don't speak english is like talking to kids ;) [read: JOKEOMGDONTFREAKOUT]

he sounds dreamy!

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