June 16, 2011

Good News: We're TOTALLY Cool With Each Other!

It's true! We're cool with each other
We're fine. He's over it; I'm over it. He's, like, so chill about shit it's ridic.

Seriously, there's, like, ZERO weirdness between us. I know, I can't believe it either. I mean, it's INSANE how cool he is about everything. It's almost like it never even happened THANK GOD!

It's funny because we're in this groove where he "likes" every fourth status update of mine and I "like" every fifth update of his. And when I run into him when we're out, we hug and chit chat for a few minutes and it's not even a thing. I'm so glad that it's back to normal and he's stopped acting like such a freak. Well, it's about fucking time, you know? For fuck's sake, it's been a few months so he should really be over it already. I'm telling you, we're homies again and it's freakin' AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

It's funny... Is it normally a chick thing to be the weird one? I take that back, I know many a man who has been messed up and weird. Especially if it was epic sex.

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